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In Maximo Base Services, functionality for the Query Based Reporting (Ad Hoc Reporting) functionality has been enhanced for extended field selection. This will enable users to create powerful Ad Hoc Reports using fields from multiple tables/applications.


In the V Release, the Query Based Reporting (Ad Hoc Reporting) functionality has been enhanced for extended field selection. This will enable users to add fields to their ad hoc reports that are outside the application’s main table/object.

With this release, when the user selects the ‘Create’ Report Functionality, they will see an updated QBR Page. The page will continue to contain 2 main sections (1) Available Fields and (2) Selected Fields.

In the Available Fields section, a new category tree drilldown will display on the left hand side. Categories are groupings of fields that are related via maxrelationships. These Categories are configurable, and will vary significantly by application.

The Category Drilldown will enable users to visualize the categories and their parent/child relationships. When the user clicks on the top level category of the tree, it will expand to show all of its children. These children categories are the descriptions of the Source Objects which were created for the Main Application’s Object.

To enable the new Category functionality, Reporting utilizes the V7 Object Structure Application. For any application that wants to enable QBR with fields from multiple tables, an Object Structure will have to be created. The Object Structure will be the main Object of the application, and Source Objects will be created for any Categories required for the QBR. To enable Object Structures for Reporting, a new ‘Consumed By’ Category of ‘REPORTING’ is available.

Please note that there is no requirement that Object Structures for Reporting need to be defined for each application’s QBR. If a Report Object Structure is not defined for an application, the category drilldown will only display a single level – the main table of the application. This is essentially the functionality that was delivered in the initial V7.1 Release with the addition of a Category Field.

More information on these features can be found in the V7 Ad Hoc (QBR) Reporting Guide available here. For Version or later, access the V7.1 Ad Hoc QBR Reporting Guide available here

For more details on other reporting features, access the Maximo Report Wiki Pages available here

or the Maximo Report Reference Materials located here

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