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Attachments appear in the header section of a memo or form

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Using Lotus Notes, you find that an attachment appears at the top of a document in the header section of a memo or other form. Specific to mail files, this issue may be more apparent when upgrading from a Notes 6.x or 7.x release to Notes 8.5, while your mail file is still based on the earlier release's design. The issue does not occur with all attachments.

The placement of the attachment affects which Attachment Properties are available. The following are grayed out unexpectedly: Edit, Edit With, Save and Delete, Delete, Save and Delete All, Delete All.


Attachments appears in header section of memo or form.

Attachments created using the Notes client user interface, and placed within a rich text field appear in the field as expected.


This only occurs in cases where the form design contains a header, and when the attachment was added to the document rather than added to a particular field. Some of the expected ways these attachments are created are when using the web (using file upload), MIME content attachments, some attachments created using LotusScript.

The issue is not limited to mail file designs or other Notes/Domino template designs and may occur with customer applications as well.

Note: While MIME content attachments typically appear in the rich text (body) field, other attachments that are part of the document, such as web attachments, are referred to in the Notes environment Notes V2 style attachments. This is because in Notes release 2.x attachments were added to the document rather than within a field, and they appeared at the bottom of the document below a line.

Diagnosing the problem

You can use the Domino Designer client to determine if a form design contains a header.

1. Start the Domino Designer client.
2. Open the database using the menu: File -> Application -> Open.
3. In the main window pane locate the form name and open the form.
4. From the menu select Design -> Form Properties -> Header (5th) tab.
5. The header property is enabled if "Add header to form" is checked.
6. Close the form: File -> Close.
7. Exit the Designer client: File -> Exit Designer.

Resolving the problem

This issue has been reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# MYAG7JCMPG.

For MIME attachments, if you edit and save the memo then the attachment will be relocated to the body field, and you can then perform all of the relative Attachment Properties.

For other attachment types you are able to delete the attachment by selecting it and hitting the delete key. In cases where you want to edit the attachment you will need to save it to a drive, delete it from the document (as described in this paragraph), and then re-attach it to the document.

In custom applications, as applicable, you may choose to disable the header in the form design. See the Diagnosing section above for details on the header property setting for a form.

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