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Obtaining more verbose logging information or traces within IBM Rational Synergy

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How do I obtain more verbose logging information for Rational Synergy commands/operations?


Turning on/off tracing to trace a Rational Synergy command/operation.

There are three clients that can be traced, the Rational Synergy Classic client (the GUI and CLI are considered to be the same client); the Rational Synergy client; and the Rational Synergy CLI (has no link to the any GUI and is independent).

Since turning on tracing logs an extensive amount of information to the log files, it is recommended that the log files be deleted or renamed before the session is started for tracing. The ccm_client.log, synergy.log, ccm_ui.log and ccm_eng.log files are located in the user's $HOME directory for UNIX/Linux sessions, or in the HOME directory that the user specified in the startup dialog for Windows sessions.

You can also obtain logs within the IBM Rational Synergy client via Help -> Explore logs.

1. Turn on ACcent trace for an operation within the Rational Synergy Classic client
Execute one of the commands below to turn on tracing for a UNIX client or a Windows client. Since turning on tracing logs an extensive amount of information, it is recommended to turn on tracing right before executing the command or operation you wish to trace.

    % ccm trace_on -i (for user interface only)
    % ccm trace_on -e (for engine process only)
    % ccm trace_on -a (for both user and engine processes)

After the command or operations have been traced, make sure to turn off tracing with the following command.

    % ccm trace_off -a (for both user interface and engine processes)

If a Distributed Change Management receive operation requires trace then you can use the following command:

%ccm trace dcm_receive set_xml_import_trace_level 3

2. Turn on ACcent trace for startup issues with the Rational Synergy Classic client:

UNIX\Linux Clients
To turn on tracing for a startup problem for a UNIX client, you need to set one of the following environment variables.
(Assuming bourne/korn shell)

    % CCM_TRACE=""; export CCM_TRACE   (for both user interface and engine process)
    % CCM_UI_TRACE=""; export CCM_UI_TRACE   (for user interface only)
    % CCM_ENG_TRACE=""; export CCM_ENG_TRACE   (for engine process only)

Then startup your session.

Microsoft Windows clients
From the DOS prompt, turn on tracing with the following command.


The startup your session from that DOS window.

To turn off tracing on a PC client, set CCM_TRACE to null.


3. Turn on ACcent trace for an operation within the Rational Synergy client:

In Rational Synergy 6.5 and 7.x:

Edit the %CCM_HOME%\etc\ccminit (Windows Client) or $CCM_HOME/etc/ccminit (UNIX/Linux Client) file. Append the following to the end of the file:

     trace_on -a

Start the Synergy Client. ACcent Trace will now be written to the ccm_ui.log and ccm_eng.log.

To turn off the trace, stop the Synergy client and remove the aforementioned entry from the ccminit file.

Note, this only applies to sessions started in traditional mode. It does not apply to WebMode sessions. It will also work for Classic Client sessions, but for those clients the ccm trace_on -a command should be used; as above.

Since Rational Synergy 7.x you can run the following startup command:

    cmsynergy -debug

Starting cmsynergy from the command line with the debug parameter will give you the debug menus entries as well. Selecting the Start ACcent Tracing will set the ACcent trace on until the Stop ACcent Tracing is selected.

4. Turn on Java logging for the Rational Synergy client:

To get more debug output in the ccm_client.log, add the following lines to the file:




To display certain system errors (e.g. missing jar files) for the Synergy Client in a console, change the following lines in the cmsynergy.lax file:

Synergy 6.5:



For 7.1...

In CCM_HOME/etc/ in the client runarea, set the following and restart the Rational Synergy for Developers client and try to reproduce the issue. This logs all the API calls made from the GUI during the session. = FINEST

To get more Java debug output (e.g. print current CLASSPATH and JRE) in a console at startup, set the following environment variable:


For performance issues, refer to IBM Rational Synergy (Java) client is slow to start in both web and traditional modes for details on how to obtain more detailed diagnostic output.

Sending in the logs

If the ccm_ui.log or the ccm_eng.log are not large, you can send in the logs via email. If the logs are large, it is recommended that the logs be put on our ftp server. You should contact the technical support engineer to arrange a place on our ftp server to put the logs.

It is a good idea to rename the ccm_ui.log and ccm_eng.log to contain a company unique string name before ftp'ing the files onto our ftp server to help us identify the correct logs for your problem

If you were running the Rational Synergy client then there are additional logs that need to be sent in. These will be the <user>_ui.log and <user>_eng.log in the log directory on the servers CCM_HOME runarea; also send in the ccm_root_ui.log and ccm_root_eng.log and the generic ccm_ui.log and ccm_eng.log from the same location.

You can generate an e-mail and automatically attach the main four logs by selecting Help -> Submit Support Request option. You will need to additionally append the logs from the server installation.

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