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Which TCP/IP ports are used by IBM Rational DOORS?


When setting up DOORS two default port numbers are provided for the configuration:

  • one for the database server port
  • one for the license server port
In addition, if the license service is hosted across a WAN, with a firewall in operation, then the license vendor daemon port must also be specifically designated.

When DOORS is used in a client/server setup, where the license and database server are hosted across a WAN with a firewall in place, then the firewall must have 3 open bidirectional ports to permit a connection to be established for sending and receiving license or database information.
  1. During database server installation a default port number of 36677 is used and must not be changed unless you have reason to do so. DOORS client setup prompts the user to specify the database server port number being used and therefore the user should be aware of the port number in use to access data.
    On the database server machine responses to client requests admitted over an established connection will be handled over a dynamically assigned port.
  2. Server Licenses provided to clients are created with a default port number of 19353 for connection to the FlexLM License Manager (AKA Flexnet). DOORS client machines need to be configured to the port number being used.
  3. By default the port for the Telelogic vendor daemon is randomly assigned by the operating system.
    To allow license requests through a firewall the daemon must have a port be specifically assigned.
    This is done by adding the port number to the daemon line in the "license.dat" file.
    The DAEMON line would looks like this:

    DAEMON telelogic <path to the telelogic.exe that comes with License Server> PORT=<port number>

    For example:
    DAEMON telelogic C:\Program Files\Telelogic\Tools\Licensing_11\Server\telelogic.exe PORT=19354

    Note: If there are firewalls on each end of the WAN connection, the same port must be opened on both ends.

DOORS clients can be setup to send emails when there is a failed attempt to log in to DOORS or for notification about users change proposals in DOORS, using the Change Proposal System. Therefore port 25 must be open in the fire wall for each client attempting to use DOORS; and must not be used for other purposes.

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