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What are the steps needed to apply the Fixpack on IBM DB2 v9.1 on the IBM Tivoli Compliance Insight Manager v8.5 Server?


When applying a Fix pack (FP) for DB2 , you generally have 3 choices: 'Install New', 'Migrate' and 'Work with Existing'.

  • 'Install New' does exactly that. It installs a new DB2 version. If you specify the same location as the old version, the old version is overwritten.
  • 'Migrate' is only shown when upgrading to a higher, major version (e.g. from 8 to 9), so it is not applicable here and is (correctly) not shown.
  • 'Work with Existing' is the correct choice for Fixpack upgrading to a minor version (e.g. from 9.1.3 to 9.1.5)

The correct choice for applying the DB2 Fixpacks is 'Work with Existing'. However, the TCIM 8.5 default database install is missing the hooks needed by the DB2 9.1 Fixpack install. As a result, the Fixpack will only work by following the instructions in this technote.

(Note: Do not select 'Install New' since that will destroy the DB2 installation used by TCIM 8.5.)


To download the DB2 v9.1 Fixpack, use the following steps:

- Navigate to the webpage in the Related URL section*: DB2 v9.1 Fixpack Download.
(No longer supported)
Select the appropriate version under DB2 Version 9.1
- In the URL webpage, navigate to Windows on 32-bit AMD and Intel systems section.
- Choose the download corresponding to 'DB2 Enterprise Server Edition'

Once the DB2 Fixpack has been downloaded to the TCIM Server, proceed with performing the steps below.

1. Instructions for Fixpack upgrading DB2 CIFCOPY to v9.1 (v9.1.9)

The instructions below assume that the TCIM infrastructure has been installed to C:\Program Files. If you have installed your infrastructure somewhere else, please update the commands suitably.

First, read the instructions that come with DB2 Fixpack. Prior to following the instructions provided with the DB2 FP, please first go through the additional pre installation steps. Also, apply the post-install instructions in this technote instead of those provided by the DB2 FP.

1.1 Preparation Tasks

  • Read the Fixpack instructions by referring to the Related URL: Applying Fixpacks for DB2 v9.1
  • Follow the preparation on the Fixpack by referring to the Related URL: Prior to applying the Fixpack
  • Take a full disk-image backup of the server running TCIM 8.5
  • First, use Start > Programs > IBM DB2 > CIFCOPY > Setup Tools > Default DB2 Selection Wizard
  • Select CIFCOPY and click next. Then wait - this will take a while.
  • On your Windows systray you will see an database icon in a green circle. Right-click this icon and select 'Exit'
  • Set all TCIM services to 'Manual' and stop them. Please do not stop or change service property of IBM Tivoli Directory services (Admin Daemon and Server Instance v6.1).
  • All CIFCOPY instances stopped as well as DB2DAS, but leave all IDSCOPY services running.

1.2 Run Fixpack
  • Extract the Fixpack and double-click setup.exe
  • Select 'install a product' in the navigation-bar.
  • Click 'Work with Existing'. This launches a wizard allowing you to select which copy to upgrade. Do NOT click 'Install New'.
  • Select 'CIFCOPY' and click 'Launch DB2 setup wizard'
  • If the wizard pops a warning box that some processes are still running, then check if all CIFCOPY services, the DB2DAS service are stopped, and if the DB2 icon in the Windows systray has been closed. If the wizard still pops a box, select 'Yes' to let the wizard shutdown the process
  • Wait till the wizard is done installing the Fixpack.
  • When ready the wizard will show a 'Setup is complete' screen. Do not press 'Finish' yet. First perform the post-install tasks detailed below.

1.3 Post install instructions for CIFCOPY - these override the instructions provided with DB2 FP5
  • Open a command prompt as the DB2 Administrator - OS User, and execute (this will set the appropriate environment variables)
    runas /user:cifdb2admin cmd
    and enter the password for cifdb2admin.
  • In the new command window, execute the following commands (Note: You might receive SQL0719N, SQL0082C and SQL0091N errors. These are normal and expected. Also, the db2rbind command will take a long time - up to 10 minutes. Please be patient and do not attempt to abort the process.)
    cd "C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB\BIN"
    db2updv9 -d CIFDB
    db2 terminate
    db2 BIND ..\bnd\@db2ubind.lst BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC ACTION ADD
    db2rbind CIFDB -l logfile all
    db2 BIND ..\bnd\db2dsproc.bnd BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC
    db2 BIND ..\bnd\db2stats.bnd BLOCKING ALL GRANT PUBLIC
    db2 terminate
  • Re-run the 'default db2 selection' wizard. (Start > Programs > IBM DB2 > CIFCOPY > Setup Tools > Default DB2 Selection Wizard) and re-select CIFCOPY as default instance.
  • Unfortunately the 'default db2 selection' wizard will have erased the DB2PATH environment variable. Open the Windows environment panel (Start > Control Panel > System ; Select the 'Advanced' tab; Click the 'Environment Variables' button), and add the DB2PATH variable to the System variables, and set its value to the DB2 install path (default C:\Program Files\IBM\SQLLIB)
  • Right-click on the db2-icon in the Windows systray, and un check "Launch Tool at setup"
1.4 Update the JDBC Drivers
  • Make a copy/backup of ibm\tcim\iview\tomcat folder
  • Download the Db2 9.1 Fixpack JDBC driver from
    This downloads a .zip or .tar.gz file whose file name begins with v9fpXX (where XX is the Fixpack number). Uncompress this file and locate the following files:
  • Replace the old version of db2jcc.jar, db2jcc_license_cu.jar in the following TCIM locations with corresponding file from the new version:
  • Replace the old version of in the following TCIM locations with corresponding file from the new version:
  • Click 'Finish' in the DB2 Setup Wizard. The DB2 setup wizard will offer to restart the machine. Click 'yes'
  • After reboot, start the TCIM services and set them to 'Automatic'

2. Verification of successful application of DB2 Fixpack

Connect to CIFDB DB2 instance using the default TCIM admin username (cifowner) and password (pwd) as below:

C:\>db2 connect to cifdb user cifowner using pwd

Database Connection Information

Database server = DB2/NT 9.1.X
SQL authorization ID = CIFOWNER
Local database alias = CIFDB

The version must be reported as v9.1.X (where X is the v9.1 Fixpack number).

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