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Direct connect to Maximo running on a NAT virtual machine

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We have Maximo and SRM running on a VMware VM that set up as NAT. From outside of the VMware host machine, how can we have web browsers access this Maximo and SRM?


We need to set up port forwarding in VMware to allow external machine access to the VM through the VMware host machine. Write down the virtual machine's IP address and then do the following:
1) In VWware click on: Host -> Virtual Network Settings

2) Once it is opened looks to see which VMnet# is assigned to NAT. It is usually VMnet8.

3) Click on the "Host Virtual Network Mapping" tab

4) Click on the ">" button for VMnet8 (or whichever one was yours) and choose "NAT..."

5) On the "NAT Settings" panel, hit the "Port Forwarding..." button

6) In the Incoming TCP ports pane (top pane), hit the "Add" button

7) Give it these values:
Host Port: 9080
Virtual Machine IP Address: <your VM's IP address. something like 192.168.x.x>
Port: 9080
Description: Maximo

8) Hit the OK button

9) Shutdown the VM.

10) Reboot the host machine.

11) After reboot, restart the VM.

12) In the VM, restart WAS and Maximo. Confirm you can log into Maximo.

13) Now from a separate real machine you can connect to the Maximo server running on the virtual machine by using the host machine's hostname or IP address. Like:
Even though Maximo is on the virtual machine and not the VMware host.

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