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Alcatel 5620 SAM probe resynchronization

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Alcatel 5620 SAM probe does not resynchronize properly


The Alcatel 5620 SAM probe sends a request to the ems using 'findFaults' with a filter based on the RecoveryData. This is done to reduce the load generated by the probe.

To force a resynchronization from EPOCH, remove the probes RecoveryFile;
e.g. stop the probe

rm /opt/netcool/omnibus/var/AlcatelSamRecovery

then start the probe.

If the RecoveryFile file does not exist, the probe will send a full resync request to the Alcatel 5620 SAM ems.

If events are still not being seen in the event list, check any filtering being performed at the probe level using JmsFilter, and then the Alcatel 5620 SAM ems logs. Discuss the issue further with the Alcatel 5620 SAM administrator, as required.

Example log file:

RecoveryFile-> /opt/netcool/omnibus/var/AlcatelSamRecovery
Last Keep Alive Recovery data retrieved from /opt/netcool/omnibus/var/AlcatelSamRecovery
Last keepAlive Time Recovered 1197986201257
Using recovery timestamp 1197986201257
Posting this XML : <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><SOAP:Envelope xmlns:SOAP=""xmlns:xsi=""><SOAP:Header><header xmlns="xmlapi_1.0"><security><user>netcool</user><password>70716626a8795abb4de70bea1a5f7cdd</password></security><requestID>client1:0</requestID></header></SOAP:Header><SOAP:Body><fm.FaultManager.findFaults xmlns="xmlapi_1.0"><faultFilter><and class="fm.AlarmObject"><greater name="lastTimeDetected" value="1197986201257"/></and></faultFilter></fm.FaultManager.findFaults></SOAP:Body></SOAP:Envelope>

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Modified date: 26 May 2010

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