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Work Orders created via MEA do not invoke the WO Workflow

Technote (troubleshooting)


Workflow is created and active for Work Order records, it works for the Work Orders created in the Maximo Work Order Tracking application. But Workflow does not get executed for the Work Orders imported via MEA.


This Maximo functionality works as designed.
The Workflow auto-initiate process only works on records that were created from within the Maximo application; it does not work on records that come into Maximo via an integration.

Resolving the problem

Here is a workaround for this issue:

1. You will have to create a new Action on the Workorder object, select 'WFINITIATE' in value field and 'APPACTION' in type field. Then select the name of your Workflow process in Parameter/Attribute field, it has to be enabled and active to show up in the list
2. After that, you will have to create a new escalation, create the escalation point and use the action that was already created. Do not check the "Repeat field" as you do not want the same records to be routed multiple times.
3. In the Escalation Point condition, you can set up a condition to fire the Escalation based on the status of the Work Order or the Enter Date/Time.
4. When the Escalation crontask runs, it will run this Escalation, read the Where clause and perform the requested action.
5. You may also create a crontask instead, in order to put the Work Orders imported via MEA into Workflow.
Please contact IBM Maximo's Services team for assistance with creating a crontask for this requirement.

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Software version: 7.5

Operating system(s): Windows

Reference #: 1306207

Modified date: 15 February 2010

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