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Each DB2 database product has its own license key. If you purchased a DB2 V10.5, V10.1, V9.8, V9.7, V9.5, V9.1 product then you can obtain license key from Passport Advantage. Follow the steps to download your license.


Starting with DB2 Version 9.1, the license file for DB2 products is shipped separately in a file called the Activation key. This is done for convenience so that downloading the license file takes less time due to its small size.


This is an example of how to obtain the activation key for your DB2 product. The Activation key part numbers for DB2 products are located in the following technotes:

DB2 10.5 - Activation part numbers
DB2 10.1 - Activation part numbers
DB2 9.8 - Activation part numbers
DB2 9.7 - Activation part numbers
DB2 9.5 - Activation part numbers
DB2 9.1 - Activation part numbers

Contact the Passport Advantage e-Customer Care team for assistance if you encounter problems.
Read the How to purchase your license technote if you need to purchase a DB2 license.

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STEP #1:
a. Start by viewing the IBM Passport Advantage Online customer sign in page:
b. Click on the "Customer Sign In" button

STEP #2:
Type in your IBM ID and password for your Passport Advantage account.

Select the “Software download & media access” link.

Select the "I Agree" radio button.
Click the Continue button

Choose the download finder option.

Click on “Find by description or part number”

a. Select the "Part Number" radio button.
b. Enter the part number.
c. Click the “Continue” button

a. Select the check box next to the Activation key.
b. Select the “I agree” radio button.
c. Click on the “Download now” button to begin the download.

The download is complete when showing 100%
Close the download director window.

Next Steps:
  1. Extract the license file.
    The license key is found in the /db2/license directory of the downloaded Activation file.
  2. Apply the license to your product.
    Applying a license key is also referred to as registering the license key or adding a license. Refer to the Registering a DB2 database product or feature license key using the db2licm command reference page in the information center for details.

For further discussion on this topic, visit this developerWorks forum thread:

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