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Changes to Domino LDAP attributes officeStreetAddress and homeStreetAddress

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What changes are introduced for the LDAP attributes officeStreetAddress and homeStreetAddress in Lotus® Domino® 8.0.2 and 8.5?


Beginning with Domino 8.0.2 and 8.5, there are changes to the way the Domino LDAP server handles multiple lines for the officeStreetAddress and homeStreetAddress attributes.

These attributes correspond with the officeStreetAddress and streetAddress fields in the Person document.

When these fields in the Person document contain multiple lines, the Domino LDAP server will return information in the following format: attribute=First Line$Second Line

For example, you have an entry such as follows in the Person document:

Domino returns the following LDAP attribute value:
    homestreetaddress=12345 Fake Street$Unit B

Other LDAP attributes such as postalAddress and homePostalAddress already use this format:

    postaladdress=12345 Market Street$Austin$Texas$78758$USA
    homepostaladdress=12345 Fake Street$Austin$Texas$78751$USA

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