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Is it possible to use Condition Monitoring in Maximo?


You create measurement point records and assign measurement points to your equipment on the Condition Monitoring tab. Use measurement point records to define the limits of acceptable condition or performance measurements for a point or place on a piece of equipment. Each measurement point is unique. You can group or categorize similar measurement points by giving them a common point name. You cannot use a point name more than once on an equipment record, but you can use the same point name on multiple equipment records.
You can associate Preventive Maintenance (PM) records with measurement points so you can generate PM work orders when measurements are outside acceptable limits. If the PM that is associated with the measurement point record is part of a PM hierarchy, you can generate a corresponding work order hierarchy.

You can also copy point numbers to work plans on the PM work orders under certain circumstances.

Note: If a measurement point identifier is used on the work plan of a work order, you cannot delete the corresponding measurement point record.

There are two table windows on the Condition Monitoring tab:

  • Use the Measurements table to enter and view measurement data on this equipment.
  • Use the History table to view information about work orders you generated using the Generate Work Order action. These work orders are generated in the Condition Monitoring application only.

To view all measurement points defined for a piece of equipment, use the Measurement  tab in the Equipment application.

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