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When installing Maximo 6 you are prompted to enter a Serial Number which is included in your IBM Maximo license agreement.


Installation of Maximo 6, Install Wizard.


During the installation of Maximo 6, you are prompted for your Serial Number Information.

The screenshot below refers to the Maximo 6 Installation Program at the stage which prompts the user for the Serial Number.

The Serial Number being requested is your IBM Customer Number. Previously, the License Number provided under MRO Software was to be entered in this space.
The Serial Number along with other information about Maximo is displayed to the user within Maximo by clicking on Help, then About Maximo.

If you choose not to enter anything in this field the installation will still complete successfully.

The Serial Number can be added, changed, or removed at any time after Maximo is installed by modifying the mxe.UserLicenseKey= parameter in the file.

The file is located in the folder: \<Maximo Root>\applications\maximo\properties

Any changes to this file will not take effect until the Maximo.EAR file is rebuilt and redeployed to the Application Server.

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