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Downloading and Installing Sysback

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How to get IBM Tivoli Storage Manager and System Backup and Recovery (sysback) software and install it


This documents describes how Customer can download and install Sysback software
New Customer Information

When customer purchases IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery (Sysback) software , they receive only proof of Entitlement. If they would have requested for a Media during the order they will receive one else will only received proof of Entitlement. Now they need to access and complete first time registration for Passport Advantage Web Account

For any help related to user registration. Please contact Passport Advantage eCustomerCare at 1-800-978-2246 opt 1 8:00 a.m to 8:00 p.m EST or

Accessing Passport Advantage Website:

Logon to passport advantage site as above and search for "Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and Recovery"

Following components is available for download

IBM Tivoli Storage Manager for System Backup and
Recovery (SysBack) V6.1, AIX, Multilingual Part Number C176VIE

Installing the Software:
Download the software as above, it will be file C176VIE.tar.gz.

Extract the file to a folder lets say you have stored the file in /home/sysback
#cd /home/sysback
#gzip -d C176VIE.tar.gz
#tar -xvf C176VIE.tar
#inutoc .

Now use "smitty install_all" to install the software and use /home/sysback" as the directory for install image

In Next screen press F4 on "SOFTWARE to install" which is going to list the fileset on image.
Then hit F7 to select the filesets. Following three filesets are needed


Press Enter once selection is done and change the ACCEPT license agreement to YES

If you are planing to use Sysback to backup to TSM Server than TSM API needs to be installed as well.
If using sysback or later, then the 64 bit TSM API is used to backup/restore from a TSM Server.
Prior to, the 32 bit API is used.
Please see DCF 1393459 for further sysback/tsm api requirements:

Updating the Sysback software

You can download maintenance level from:
Or the latest 6.1.3.x patch level from:

The installp command to use for installing the latest patch are maintenance level
is within the README on the above ftp site.
For example, to install the latest level after installing the
base, you would run:
installp -acqYd sysback.613.ptf.rte all

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