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Resolving Common Maximo 6 Upgrade Errors

Technote (troubleshooting)

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List of common upgrade errors, including cause and fix action.

Resolving the problem

The attached document contains both cause and action for common upgrade errors.

Integrity Checker Utility errors
ERROR – 0078 The database has a different UNIQUE property for the following original index definition(s)
ERROR – 0084 No unique index found for primary key sequence on table(s):
ERROR – 0109 The Maximo definition of this column does not match the actual column:
ERROR – 0145 This column is mapped to a MAXIMO value list but the value list does not exist
ERROR -- 0150 MAXTABLES definition differs from MAXTABLESCFG for
ERROR -- 0155 Remarks must be added to the following Maximo column definitions:
ERROR -- 0163 Need to have existing properties file to upgrade workflow auto-accept tasks completely.
ERROR – 0166 A record exist in MaxTables but not MaxTables2 for table
ERROR – 0178 Orphan long descriptions exists against tables run repair mode to remove.
ERROR -- 0191 The same index name is used on different tables in the native database.
ERROR – 0193 Key record of doclinks does not exist in the database(keyValue-tableName- keyColumn-siteId-orgId):
ERROR – 0215 Table <table> references long description <number> but the long description does not exist.
Validation Utility errors
ERROR -- A list defined in valuelistdomain has wrong type values in valuelist.
ERROR -- All workflow processes must be stopped before upgrading.
ERROR -- An invalid record was found while searching for circular references.
ERROR -- Bookmarked records does not exist in the database(userName-appName-keyValue-tableName-keyColumn-siteId-orgId):
ERROR -- Configurable Startcenter found.
ERROR -- Maxrelationship cannot be added because it already exists in the database:
ERROR -- MXES requires delimiters for all GL accounts stored in the database.
ERROR -- The following GL Components contain a character that is also used as a delimiter for that component, which is not permitted.
ERROR – 0156 The following menu options are mapped to the same position:
ERROR -- 0162 Occurrences of MeterLabel1 and MeterLabel2 cannot be null.
ERROR – 0198 Maxdomain cannot be added because it already exists in the database:
ERROR – 0201 Table <table> has more than one owner for LongDescription
Upgrade Utility errors
ERROR -- The connection was closed after OutOfMemoryError
ERROR -- The tablespace MAXIMO does not exist, it is misspelled, Maximo has not been granted quota on the tablespace, or it is not online.
ERROR -- The object '<constraint name>' is dependent on column '<column>'.
ERROR -- Msg 5074, Level 16, State 8, Line 1, Sqlstate 01000: The statistics '<statistic>' is dependent on column '<column>'.
ERROR -- String or binary data would be truncated.
ERROR -- Cannot insert the value NULL into column '<column>', table ‘<table>’; column does not allow nulls.
ERROR -- 0115 The Maximo-defined length for this column is invalid:
ORA-01400: cannot insert NULL into ("MAXIMO"."<table."."column")
ORA-01439: column to be modified must be empty to change datatype
ORA-01452: cannot CREATE UNIQUE INDEX; duplicate keys found

5.2 to 6 Upgrade Errors.doc 5.2 to 6 Upgrade Errors.doc

5.2 to 6 Upgrade Errors.doc

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Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Asset Management for IT Not Applicable
Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Change and Configuration Management Database Not Applicable
Systems and Asset Management Tivoli Service Request Manager Not Applicable

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