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SQL State 42502 when building Stored Procedures

Technote (troubleshooting)


When you try to create a Stored Procedure from Rational® Application Developer (RAD) you get a DB2® error:
*** DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -552, SQLSTATE: 42502 ***
You are able to create a stored procedure (using a DB2 admin-level userid and password) at a remote system using the DB2 Developer Center. But, from within RAD, using the same userid and password, you get a failure with the above message. You can create a Database Connection, using the same userid/password, and connect to the database in question successfully. However, at run-time, the SQL operation fails.


You have to use a Data Definition to create the SQL Stored Procedure. As far as Eclipse and RAD are concerned, a "Data Definition" is a project (It is just not called a project in the GUI, that is.).

The problem occurs when you create a project that is not a Data Definition, then switch to the Data Explorer, where this project is still shown. Then you create a SQL Stored Procedure within that project. At run-time, however, the project fails with message of the type
***  DB2 SQL error: SQLCODE: -552, SQLSTATE: 42502 ***
Only Data Definitions have the proper natures to use the SQL facilities correctly.
While the Data Explorer will show other types of projects, and allow you to do a New -> SQL -> <Whatever> (such as a new Stored Procedure or Query) within them, at run-time these elements fail, because the underlying project lacks the proper nature.

This will cause, at run-time, the normal Windows Userid/Password to be used, instead of the one indicated on the "Database Connection". The SQL will then fail, with the above error message.

SQL Stored Procedures must be created from a Data Definition, which will then include the proper natures.

Documentation mentions "should" for using the Data Definition / Project; in reality, it ought to state "must".

Resolving the problem

You must use a Data Definition as the basis for the New -> SQL -> <Whatever>. Then the proper natures will be attached, and the operation will succeed at run-time.

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