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Sametime IBM i: Sametime server fails to start

Technote (troubleshooting)


When attempting to start the Sametime® server running on Domino, it fails with the following error on the Domino® console just after attempting to start the Material Manager service:

Sametime: Meeting server: Child process died! Ending Server.


Potentially a problem with PASE (57xxSS1 Option 33).

Resolving the problem

It is important to note that the "Child process died!" error message is issued in many different situations. When the message is issued immediately after attempting to start the Material Manager, it may be a problem with PASE. If PASE fails to start, the Material Manager service fails and the Sametime server will not start.

To determine whether the Material Manager failed due to a problem with PASE, check whether there are PASE errors associated with the STMATERIAL job:

1. Run the following IBM i command: WRKJOB STMATERIAL

2. Type option 1 next to the most recent STMATERIAL job, and press Enter.

3. Select menu option 4: Work with spooled files.

4. Open the spooled files and look for the following messages (they may be in separate files):

    Unable to run OS/400 PASE startup program /usr/lib/start32
    Unable to create Java Virtual Machine.

PASE can fail to start due to one of the following issues:
  • The Sametime server may be using a CCSID that is incompatible with PASE (the Portable Application Solution Environment).
  • There may be a problem with the PASE installation, even if the Check Product Option (CHKPRDOPT) command does not return errors.

Server CCSID incompatible with PASE

To determine whether your problem is caused by using a CCSID that is incompatible with PASE, check the IBM i Information Center ( which provides a table of the supported PASE Locales. (To locate this table in the info center, search for 'PASE locales'.)

If your server is using a CCSID that is not listed, then you can run several commands to set the PASE language environment.

For example, if you are using a Russian CCSID other than 915 or 1208, then your CCSID is incompatible with PASE. Run these commands to set the PASE language environment for one of the supported CCSIDs (in this example, the language short name is 'ru_RU' and the CCSID is 1208):


If the problem is not caused by an incompatible CCSID, then it may be the result of a corrupted PASE installation.

Corrupted PASE installation

You can attempt to start the PASE environment manually by running the following command:

call qp2term

However, if the PASE installation is corrupt, the command will probably return an error, rather than starting PASE.

To resolve the problem, you must reinstall PASE (5722SS1 Option 33).

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