Domain application may not be running, CDA COM Server Error in Get Domain Names when starting SoDA

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This technote identifies a process to remove the CDA COM Server Error, which might occur when starting IBM® Rational® SoDA® on a system that had IBM Rational Software Architect (RSA) or IBM Rational Software Modeler installed (RSM).


When SoDA starts, it checks the Microsoft® Windows® registry to see if the following key exists:

If SoDA detects this key it assumes that RSA/RSM is installed on this machine.

If RSA/RSM had once been installed on this machine but has not been completely removed this error occurs.

Resolving the problem

To resolve this issue remove the registry keys for the CDA_COM server by un-registering the CDA_COMBridge.dll using the following command:

regsvr32 /s C:\Program Files\IBM\Rational\SDP\6.0\radrsm_shared\eclipse\plugins\\bridge\CDA_COMBridge.dll

Note: The specific path names may vary depending on where RSA is installed and what version it is.

If the file is not on the machine for example RSA has been uninstalled, remove the following registry key to resolve the SoDA error:


Additional resources:
TN# 1248906: Resolving the error: Cannot connect to CDA Server. Domain application may not be running

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