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I receive an ARS0020E message when attempting to archive a report.

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When using ARSLOAD to archive a report, I receive the following error message:

ARS0020E <appl group> SM ERROR: ARSMVSDW: 0000000B(00000008-24000101) ...

The error code in the DFSMSdfp Diagnosis Reference is:

8 (X'08') X'24' x X'01' X'01' Parameter list (MF=L) in unusable storage.


The problem is an OAM issue. The following documentation will illustrate this point:

In the z/OS Object Access Method Application Programmer's Reference, document number SC35-0425-02, see the CHANGES.1.1 New Information section, as follows:

"The OSREQ macro grew from 96 bytes to 120 bytes with the z/OS V1R7 release of OAM. As a result, applications that obtain storage explicitly for the OSREQ parameter list, rather than using the list macro form (MF=L) of the OSREQ macro, must ensure that they obtain a minimum of 120 bytes. See "RETRIEVE--Retrieving an Existing Object" in topic 2.2.5 for more information."

OnDemand uses the list form (MF=L) of the macro. The OAM APAR OA14602 documents the problem.


The OAM PTF UA23747 [APAR OA14602] is available to fix this problem.

As the APAR documentation indicates, when the storage being referenced (in this case, the end of the parameter list) falls into a heap allocation that was misallocated based on the OAM macro length, the OAM routine can fail.

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Software version: 7.1

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Modified date: 07 December 2016

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