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Add WebSphere 6.0 Runtime library to Libraries in Java Build Path

Technote (troubleshooting)


When a new J2EE project is created with IBM WebSphere Application Server (WAS) v6 as runtime, the .classpath file has the following entry:
classpathentry kind="con" path="
. This corresponds to Project > Properties > Java Build Path > Libraries as an entry, "Websphere 6.0 Runtime."
If you select the entry and remove it, there is no way to add it back. You cannot add a library because WAS v6 is missing here. If a J2EE project has WebSphere Process Server (WPS) as runtime, and is exported from WebSphere Integration Developer (WID) and imported in a RAD-only environment, viewing Project > Properties throws errors.


Adding WebSphere® 6.0 Runtime library to Libraries in Java™ Build Path is not an available feature in IBM® Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere Software (RAD) version 6.x.

Resolving the problem

Server runtime entries should not be removed from the Libraries tab of the Java™ Build Path properties. In cases where they are removed or in instances where a project is imported from WID targeting a runtime not available in RAD, the following method can add an available runtime library back to the .classpath.

Server runtime entries are entered into the .classpath file by choosing a server target. For a J2EE application, go to the EAR level. Select Project > Properties > Server, choose a target runtime, and make sure the Include child project is selected. Click Apply.

In cases where WAS v6 runtime is the only one available and was removed from the Libraries, a new target server for WebSphere 6.0 Runtime can be created by clicking the New button.

This feature is available as of the version 7.0 of RAD.

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More support for: Rational Application Developer for WebSphere Software
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Modified date: 11 June 2011

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