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Launcher unable to access remote drives

Technote (troubleshooting)


Maps running under the Websphere® Transformation Extender (WTX) Launcher in a Windows® environment are unable to read, write or trigger from remote (non-local) drives. The maps run correctly from the Command Server or Map Designer.


By default, the Launcher server runs as a Local System account. This account does not have rights to read or write to remote drives.

The Command Server and Map Designer run under the user account currently logged in.

Resolving the problem

Modify the Launcher Services properties to use an account that has the rights needed to read, write and delete the files.

  1. Open Control Panel > Administrative Tools > Services.
  2. Select the appropriate service from the list. The name of the service for WTX differs by version of the product.
  3. Open the Properties for the Launcher Service.
  4. Select the Log On tab.
  5. Select the This Account radio button.
  6. Type in the name of the account and password that has the rights needed to read, write, and delete on the remote drive.
  7. Click the OK command button.

Product Alias/Synonym

Ascential DataStage TX Mercator

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More support for: Transformation Extender

Software version: 8.1, 8.2, 8.3

Operating system(s): Windows

Software edition: International, US

Reference #: 1248678

Modified date: 11 October 2010

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