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Passive mode transfer using Host On-Demand FTP with vsftpd

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The configuration file of vsftpd might need to be changed for passive mode transfer using IBM WebSphere Host On-Demand FTP client.

Resolving the problem

By default, the Host On-Demand FTP client uses the proxy server settings based on the browser configuration. If the browser is configured to use a proxy server, the passive mode transfer with a vsftp server will fail.
When it fails, Host On-Demand shows an error pop-up dialog, "Connection closed by remote host". The status bar logs the error message, "425 Security: Bad IP connecting".

This problem can be resolved by doing one of the following:

  • Configure the browser not to use a proxy server and restart the browser,
  • Add "pasv_promiscuous=YES" to the vsftpd.conf file, which is usually found in the /etc/vsftpd directory.
    Please refer to vsftpd documentation (man page) for more technical information on the pasv_promiscuous parameter.

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Modified date: 07 September 2006

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