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Node migration fails with MIGR0272E and rc = 409 error

Technote (troubleshooting)


Multiple runs of a profile migration can leave files within the targets profile's temporary directories, causing migration failures on subsequent attempts.


Typically, this occurs in migration scenarios involving federated nodes. The migration of the Deployment Manager beforehand is successful. The problem occurs when migrating a federated node, during WASPostUpgrade.

The deployment manager must be running during the migration of a federated node. As part of the migration process, the migration tool will contact the deployment manager and transfer files to the deployment manager. In this scenario, the file transfer process fails, resulting in an error with return code 409 (rc = 409).

When migrating to V6.0, these errors will appear in the deployment manager's SystemOut.log:

SystemOut     O
TransferFailedException: File upload to upload/cells/CELLNAME/nodes/NODES/perftuners.xml failed with rc = 409
SystemOut     O
SystemOut     O MIGR0272E: The migration function cannot complete the command.

Note that when migrating to V6.1 and later, those errors may not appear in the deployment manager's log. However, errors will be present in the WASPostUpgrade.log.

The WASPostUpgrade.log will show the following messages:

MIGR0393E: Unable to update configuration files because of an inconsistency in the configuration. File upload to
upload/cells/CELLNAME/nodes/NODES/perftuners.xml failed with rc = 409
Caused by: File upload to
upload/cells/CELLNAME/nodes/NODES/perftuners.xml failed with rc = 409
MIGR0272E: The migration function cannot complete the command.

The key messages are that the file transfer failed with rc = 409. When tracing is enabled, the trace will indicate that the error 409 is an HTTP response from the deployment manager's file transfer servlet. (HTTP Error 409.)


The return code, rc = 409, indicates that a file already exists and can not be overwritten. In that scenario, the migration had been tried several times unsuccessfully. The previous migration attempts created temp files, and due to the nature of the previous failures, the files were not properly cleaned-up like they are under normal circumstances. These temporary files cannot be overwritten in the subsequent migration attempts until they are manually removed.

Resolving the problem

Have all users log out of the admin console associated with the deployment manager, and also make sure that no "wsadmin" tasks are running. Then, delete the files and directories under the $WAS_PROFILE_DIR/config/temp path. The migration can be attempted again once the files are deleted.

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