Detailed System Requirements for Rational SoDA v7.0.x

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This technote is a matrix of available documentation and the platforms, environments and databases that are supported with IBM Rational SoDA version 7.0.x.x



Publication title Publication #
IBM Rational SoDA for Word Installation Guide, 7.0, Windows GI11-6298-00
IBM Rational SoDA for Word Release Notes, 7.0, Windows GI11-6305-00
IBM Rational SoDA Release Notes, 7.0.1, Windows GC23-6214-00
IBM Rational SoDA Release Notes, 7.0.2, Windows GC23-6214-01
IBM Rational SoDA Release Notes, 7.0.3, Windows 1497285: Rational SoDA version 7.0.3 Release Information
IBM Rational SoDA Release Notes, 7.0.4, Windows 1497322: Rational SoDA version 7.0.4 Release Information

Hardware platform
Operating system
Intel x86

Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional SP 4
Microsoft Windows XP Professional, SP1, SP2
Microsoft Windows XP Professional, SP3 Supported in and highr, 7.0.2.x, 7.0.3.x, 7.0.4.x
Microsoft Windows 2003, R2 Supported in 7.0.1.x, 7.0.2.x, 7.0.3.x, 7.0.4.x
Microsoft Windows Vista, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Business Edition Supported in 7.0.1.x, 7.0.2.x, 7.0.3.x
Microsoft Windows Vista, Enterprise, Ultimate, and Business Edition, SP1 Supported in and higher, 7.0.2.x, 7.0.3.x
Microsoft Windows 7 Supported in and higher, and higher, 7.0.3.x
AMD64 & EM64T Microsoft Windows XP Professional x64 Must be running in 32-bit mode on 64-bit processors
Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2 Enterprise Edition Supported in 7.0.3.x

Service pack
Microsoft Word 2000 No SP
2002 (XP) Any See below
2003 Any See below
2007 Any
2010 Supported in,
SoDA comments in Microsoft Word

Rational SoDA uses the Microsoft Word comment feature to store the arguments it needs to extract and display information in a Rational SoDA report.

Information for Microsoft Word 2002 users

Because comments have a different appearance and different behavior in Microsoft Word 2002 than they do in Microsoft Word 2000, you use the comment feature differently in the two versions of Microsoft Word.

The Rational SoDA Help does not include Microsoft Word 2002 procedures. Therefore, if you are going to use Microsoft Word 2002 with Rational SoDA, review the Microsoft Word 2002 information in the Rational knowledge base on the Web site for IBM Customer Support for Rational software products. to get this information. The Help contains topics which provide the following information:

  • Comparison of the comment feature in Microsoft Word 2000 and Microsoft Word 2002
  • Explanation of how to delete Microsoft Word comments using the Rational SoDA interface
  • Procedure for deleting Microsoft Word 2000 comments from a Microsoft Word document
  • Description of what you do to delete a Microsoft Word 2002 comment marker in the Rational SoDA context
Information for Microsoft Word 2003 users

The behavior of comments in Rational SoDA using Microsoft Word 2003 is slightly different from Microsoft Word 2002 and similar to Microsoft Word 2000. This difference is not documented in the Help, but it is provided here.

Like Microsoft Word 2002, Microsoft Word 2003 requires Markup to be turned ON to display Microsoft Word comments (and Rational SoDA commands). However, in version 7.0 of Rational SoDA, the default Markup setting is ON and the color is white, which makes markup invisible to the user. This does not affect comment functions for normal Microsoft Word usage. In this release of Rational SoDA, the Markup value is always set to ON, and you can use the Microsoft Word Show/Hide icon to toggle the display of Rational SoDA commands. The placement of the cursor in relation to the marker is irrelevant in this version (this is different from Microsoft Word 2002).

Terminal Server
Product version / OS
Windows Terminal Servers
Microsoft Windows 2000 Advanced Server, SP4
Microsoft Windows 2003 Enterprise Server, SP4
Citrix MetaFrame XP, 3, 4

Service pack
MS Project Microsoft Project 2000 No SP or 1
XP (2002) No SP
2003 No SP
RSA / RSM Rational Software Architect 8.0
6.0 Any fix-pack
Rational Software Modeler 7.0
6.0 Any fix-pack

Change History
26 April 2011 Added links to 7.0.3, 7.0.4 Release Notes
13 April 2011 Added SoDA 7.0.4
20 Sept 2010 Added SoDA 7.0.3 and RSA 8.0
12 July 2010 Added Windows 7 support
24 Nov 2008 Added Word 2003 SP3, Windows XP SP3 & Windows Vista SP1 support
28 Jun 2007 Updated with 7.0.1 support
24 Jan 2007 Added Note about supported networks
28 Nov 2006 Updated the format of the System Requirements

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