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Feature differences between the CCRC plug-in and the SCM Adapter plug-in for Eclipse

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This technote outlines the feature differences between the Eclipse plug-in versions of the IBM Rational ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) and the SCM Adapter plug-in.


SCM Adapter Plug-in for Eclipse 3.x.x
CCRC 6.0
CCRC 7.0.x
CCRC 7.1 [ 1 ]
Basic Eclipse Repository Provider capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated CM operations in the Team context menu Yes Yes Yes Yes
Resource Management (validate, Edit, move/delete...) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Refactoring support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Extended repository support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Provider-specific properties No Yes Yes Yes
Use of team related decorators Yes Yes Yes Yes
Customizable text decorators Yes Yes Yes Yes
Visual indicator of modified resources Yes* Yes* Yes* Yes* * Indicates checked out files (may not actually be modified)
Support team-private and other ignored resources Yes Yes Yes Yes
Support Team project sets Yes Yes Yes Yes
Ability to apply metadata to resources (apply label, create baseline, etc) No Yes Yes Yes
Integrated with Eclipse Functionality tool set Yes Yes Yes Yes
QuickDiff support No No No No
Apply/Create patch support No No No No
Repository Explorer No Yes Yes Yes
Resource History No Yes Yes Yes
Annotate view No No No No
Graphical version tree view Yes No Yes Yes
Integration with Synch view N/A N/A N/A N/A
Native eclipse view with search capability No Yes Yes Yes
Provides a custom Eclipse perspective for ClearCase views No Yes Yes Yes
WAN Accessible No Yes Yes Yes Supports Some Latency in Network Connectivity
Getting Started & Documentation support Yes Yes Yes Yes
Custom Cheat Sheets for Repository tasks No Yes Yes Yes
Integrated Tutorial in On-line Help No Yes Yes Yes
Repository Specific On-line Help Yes Yes Yes Yes
Easy client install Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated defect tracking in Eclipse Yes Yes Yes Yes
Integrated with Rational Desktop tools Yes Yes Yes Yes
Automated Process support (UCM) Yes Yes Yes Yes
Advanced parallel development capabilities Yes Yes Yes Yes
Replication support (MultiSite) Yes Yes** Yes** Yes **Does not support reqmaster presently
Build management capabilities (auditing and avoidance) Yes* No No No * With the use of Dynamic views or clearaudit
MVFS Dynamic Views Yes No No No

The major differences when considering which client to implement:
  • The SCM Adapter requires the full ClearCase client to be installed on the host system, while the CCRC plug-in does not.
  • The SCM Adapter supports the use of both Dynamic and Snapshot Views.
  • The CCRC plug-in is a WAN based solution allowing for only the use of Web Views.

Footnote 1: For details about the new features delivered in CCRC 7.1 refer to the IBM Rational ClearCase 7.1 Release Notes under the topic of Rational ClearCase Remote Client (CCRC) features.

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