When optical platter marked read only, go to the next platter

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An optical platter was marked read only and we need to get DB2® Content Manager for iSeries™ to start writing images to the next platter.

Resolving the problem

An optical platter can sometimes be marked read only due to a hardware failure. The best solution is to begin writing to the next platter. There are a couple steps that must taken to get DB2 Content Manager for iSeries to move to the next platter.

Important: Make sure that no optical processes are running using the 'Work with Jobs' option. Optical Retrieve and Optical Store should have NOT INACTIVE status.

  1. Make sure that the next platter is mounted in the optical server and is initialized.
  2. Go to the storage class option from the AS/400® Content Manager profile maintenance menu and select the change option.
  3. Change the Current volume field in the storage class to the next volume.
  4. Leave the Current folder and Current subdirectory as they are.
    Tip: Write down the Current folder and Current subdirectory for use below.
  5. Using the wrkoptdir command, create a folder with the same name as the Current folder on that next volume in the optical server. Create a subdirectory with the same name as the Current Subdirectory on that volume.
  6. If you are using the WAF menus, run the recover interrupted optical requests option (#6) on the Backup/Recovery menu (EKD600) and then start optical store. If you are using the Content Manager for AS/400 use the CM Work with Jobs Menu to start the optical store.

Optical store should start writing images to the next platter.

Tip: Normally you do not have to create the folder or subdirectory on the next platter.This is done when the previous platter gets full and DB2 Content Manager for iSeries creates them as part of the moving to the next platter process. Because you manually caused the move to the next platter you need to create them.

Check the EKD0080 file for any error messages if you do not start storing images to the new platter.

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