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Renaming Tomcat server configurations

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With IBM® Rational® Application Developer for WebSphere® Software configured to create server resources in the workspace, if the name of a Tomcat server configuration is changed in the Tomcat server editor, the change does not affect the physical file name. This can make it difficult to distinguish between configurations when trying to edit the XML files directly


This is a defect in the Web Tools Platform (part of the open source Eclipse project which is the base of Rational Application Developer).

See related information section for details on the defect.

Resolving the problem

Manually rename the server configuration files:

When you create a Tomcat server, the default name is "Tomcat v4.1 Server", and 3 elements are generated:

  1. Tomcat v4.1 Server Configuration.config-data
  2. Tomcat v4.1 Server.server
  3. Tomcat v4.1 Server Configuration.config

Changing the server name in the server editor only changes the name in the "Servers" view. In order to change the file names, manually rename the above 3 elements.

To rename it to "MyTomcatConfig", rename the 3 elements as:
  1. MyTomcatConfig Configuration.config-data
  2. MyTomcatConfig.server
  3. MyTomcatConfig Configuration.config

Note: If you do not follow this naming convention, there might be some errors when you attempt to open the server editor.

Related information

Bugzilla Bug 102398

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Modified date: 10 September 2008