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"Error Full Text Indexing RC=3892. Not Enough Memory for Full Text Indexing or Search"

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A customer has recently upgraded their server to Domino 6.x. When they attempt to full-text index a database, the following error message appears on the Server console and in the Notes Log:

    "Error Full Text Indexing RC=3892. Not enough memory for Full Text Indexing or Search".


In one case, it was discovered that the 5.x parameter "FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY=1" was still enabled in the NOTES.INI. The customer resolved the issue by removing this parameter from the NOTES.INI.

NOTE: The following is an excerpt from the technote titled "The Use of FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY Causes a Crash in Domino 6" (#1116626):

"There is no need for this parameter in Domino 6. The functionality of FTG_USE_SYS_MEMORY was included in the Domino 6 codestream (use system memory for allocations over 512KB). For additional information, refer to the technote titled."

Disable this setting for all versions of Domino from 6.0 through 6.5.3.
Enable this setting for Domino 6.5.4 and later.

Per the link below:

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Modified date: 21 July 2005

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