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IBM Host On-Demand silent installation on Unix, Linux, and Linux for z/OS

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Instructions for silent installation of IBM Host On-Demand on Unix®, Linux®, and Linux for z/OS®.

Resolving the problem

When installing Host On-Demand on a Linux or other Unix platform, it is possible to install the product from a command prompt without using a graphical interface. This is done by passing the "-silent" option to the appropriate installation binary file. For Linux or UNIX servers, you should use the following binary files:

hodinstall_aix.bin for AIX®
hodinstall_linux390.bin for Linux/390
hodinstall_linuxppc.bin for Linux partitions on pSeries® or iSeries™
hodinstall_linux.bin for all other supported Linux versions
hodinstall_solaris.bin for Solaris Operating System™
hodinstall_hpux11x.bin for HP-UX

To install Host On-Demand in the default installation directory using the silent install option on Linux for z/OS is as follows:

./hodinstall_linux390.bin -silent

The binary files listed above can be found in the /HODINST directory of your Host On-Demand installation CD or image.

For further information, please refer to Appendix D of the Planning, Installation, and Configuration Guide for Host On-Demand. This Appendix contains additional options for installing Host On-Demand from the command line. The options include the use of a response file to customize the silent installation options.

When performing the silent install, you should not use the script files provided with Host On-Demand such as the script in the media root directory or the script in the /INSTMGR directory as these files are intended only for graphical installations.

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