Purchasing a License for DB2 LUW V9

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How can I obtain a valid license key for DB2® Universal Database™ (DB2 LUW)?


If you have received physical media (CD-ROM or DVD),

then obtaining a permanent license for your DB2 LUW product is done by contacting your IBM Sales representative.

If you do not know your IBM Sales Representative or;
If you wish to purchase the license over the phone, then please dial;
1-800-IBM-4YOU (1-800-426-4968)

If you have not received any media and you have purchased DB2 LUW through the IBM Passport Advantage program, then download the license image required for DB2 LUW from the IBM Passport Advantage site.
IBM Passport Advantage support is available at: 1-800-978-2246

If you have not received any media and you purchased DB2 LUW through your IBM sales representative, contact your Customer Support office. You will need to provide your IBM customer number, name, and product ID. In the United States dial: 1-800-IBM-SERV (1-800-426-7378)

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