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Setting the sticky bit using the cleartool protect command

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How do I properly set the UNIX® or Linux® sticky bit on IBM® Rational® ClearCase® elements using the cleartool protect command?


Use the following syntax to properly set the "sticky bit" using the cleartool protect command:

cleartool protect -chmod u=rxs <file>


% ls -l
total 2
-r--r--r--   1 joeuser    user1         58 Oct 22 09:59 joeuser_file_user1.c

% cleartool protect -chmod u=rxs joeuser_file_user1.c
Changed protection on "joeuser_file_user1.c".

% ls -l
total 2
sr--r--   1 joeuser    user1         58 Oct 22 09:59 joeuser_file_user1.c

Note: You need to include the x bit in the command or an error will occur.

% cleartool protect -chmod u=rs joeuser_file_user1.c
cleartool: Error: Execute permission required for set-ID on execution.
cleartool: Error: Unable to change protection on "joeuser_file_user1.c".

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