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Information about the DB2 license file

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Activating the DB2 license file
In some cases, you might need to update or activate your DB2 license file.

To obtain information about your DB2 product and license, run the following command as db2 instance user:

    $ db2licm -l

If the Expiry Date shown is Permanent, you have a valid license; however, if the field is Try and Buy, you must activate the license file.

Other DB2 license considerations:
  • If you install DB2 using native installation, you must activate the license file.
  • If you install DB2 with the db2setup/db2_install script, you might need to activate the license file.
  • If you try to start the server and you do not have a valid DB2 license, the following message displays:
    SQL8008N The product "DB2 Workgroup Server Edition" does not have a valid
    license key installed and the evaluation period has expired. Functions
    specific to this product are not enabled.
    SQL8000N DB2START processing failed; a valid product license was not
    Unable to connect to the database. Run db2start from the command line as the database instance owner and try again.

In this case you must activate the license file.
  • You can use the db2start command to find out if the license is expired. If the license is correct, you receive message indicating that the db2start was successful. Otherwise, you see a message indicating that your license has expired.
  • To activate the license file, run the following command as db2 instance user:
    $ db2licm -a license_filename

    license_filename is the name of the license file; for example, db2ese_o.lic. The actual license file name is dependent on your DB2 installation. License files have a file extension of lic.
For more information about DB2 licenses, refer to the DB2 documentation.

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