I/O completion ports error when attempting to set up Domino 6.x on AIX

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You attempt to set up Domino 6.x on AIX but receive the following error:

    "Warning: Your system is not configured with I/O Completion Ports. I/O Completion Ports must be installed in order to run the Domino 6 Server. Install and make available I/O Completion Ports and restart your system."


This issue was reported to Quality Engineering as SPR# SHOY5HVPD5 and was indirectly fixed in 6.0.2.

To avoid the error, follow these steps:

1. Verify whether a file set is installed; from the Unix command line, type:

    lslpp -l <filesetname> (for example, lslpp -l bos.iocp.rte)

2. Verify whether an APAR is installed; from the Unix command line/prompt, type:
    instfix -ivk <APAR number> (for example, instfix -ivk IY23157)

3. After downloading the proper file set, or loading the OS CDs, install the file set bos.iocp.rte via SMIT (System Management Interface Tool). From the command line, type:
    smitty installp select: Install and Update from LATEST available Software >> input device / directory for software (input location of file set)

4. To install an APAR, from the Unix command line, type:
    smitty installp, select: Update Software by Fix (APAR) >> input device / directory for software (input location of APAR)
5. To configure I/O Completion Ports, from the Unix command line, type:
    smitty iocp, select >> Change/Show Characteristics of I/O Completion Ports >> STATE to be configured at system restart >> change from "define" to "available"

6. After installing the IOCP code, you need to make the IOCP device available. You can do this one of two ways:
    (a) After completing Step 5 to define the STATE to be configured at system restart, you can reboot AIX, or

    (b) You can select the other choice in the SMITTY IOCP menu; i.e., Configure Defined I/O Completion Ports, and then press "Enter" to change device from "Defined" to "Available".
    Alternately, you could complete the same step by directly issuing the AIX command
      "kdev -l iocp0"

Domino does not distinguish from code not being installed and the device not being made available. So, if you install the code and leave the device in a defined state, it appears the same to Domino as if the code were not installed. You can check the state of any IOCP devices by issuing the AIX command lsdev -Cc IOCP (root access is not required for lsdev commands).

NOTE: The user must be logged in as root in order to install file set, APARs, and to configure I/O completion ports.

Supporting Information:

From the Release Notes:

Hide details for AIX IOCP and patch requirementsAIX IOCP and patch requirements
AIX IOCP and patch requirements
Domino 6 requires that you enable IOCP on AIX systems; the earlier R5 release of Domino did not have that requirement. In addition, the following AIX patch levels are required:

AIX 4.3.3 - Maintenance Level 9
xlC.aix43.rte C C Set ++ RunTime for AIX 4.3
bos.iocp.rte A I/O Completion Ports API

4.3 APAR for this fix is IY23157. This will bring bos.iocp.rte to a level of

AIX 5.1
xlC.aix50.rte COMMITTED C Set ++ RunTime for AIX 5.0
bos.iocp.rte COMMITTED I/O Completion Ports API

5.1 APAR is IY22656. This will bring bos.iocp.rte to a level of

In addition, the following AIX patch levels are required:

IY21149 - AIX kernel patch

AIX 5.2
ML1 patch broke fork/exec, and patch PTF 486444 fixes it.
AIX 5.3
PTF IY58691*
PTF IY58143
* With PTF IY58691, also upgrade bos.net.nis.client to version if NIS is installed on the system and NIS is not at this level (or higher) after this PTF is installed.

NOTE: If running AIX 5.1 in 64-bit mode, make sure you install bos.iocp.rte or later. This file set, as well as the APARs mentioned in this Technote, can be downloaded from HTTPS://techsupport.services.ibm.com/server/aix.fdc. There is a known issue that can cause Notes clients to receive "Server not responding" errors from the Domino server. This has been reported to Lotus Software Quality Engineering via SPR #SHOY5HVPD5 and is addressed by IBM AIX APAR IY29475.

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