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ASF 3.2 Text Cabinet

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What is the ASF text cabinet and how is it used?


With previous releases of ASF and OV/MVS, the Document Writing feature user's input text elements and output documents were kept in the same location, the document cabinet. With ASF 3.2, the Document Writing user is given the ability to separate his input text elements from his output documents. If the user chooses to do this, the text elements would be kept in the text cabinet while the documents would be kept in the document cabinet. This is all done on a system level rather than on an individual user level by setting parameters FSNTHL, FSNTXL, and FSNTBL in member FSNT100C in ASF library ...SFSNSRCE. To keep a combined document/text cabinet, the system programmer would specify the same values for the three parameters as were specified in FSNDHL, FSNDXL, and FSNDBL accordingly.

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More support for: Application Support Facility
Document Writing (DW/370)

Software version: 3.2

Operating system(s): Platform Independent

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Modified date: 09 December 2002

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