Is there an SLA (Service Level Agreement) regarding the run time of PMRs?

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Is there an SLA (Service Level Agreement) between customers and IBM® regarding the run time of PMRs? Do you set a "time to solve" according to the priority, such as priority 1, ASAP; priority two, x weeks; priority 3, y weeks?


There is no fixed SLA time for each priority. We try to resolve every PMR on the first interaction, though this is not always possible. The PMRs are worked on, based on the severity which you set. It is very important that the appropriate severity is set for each PMR and that it can be adjusted as needed. However, it is equally as important that you communicate to the support representative the impact of a problem. A PMR might not be a severity 1, but be causing a significant impact. If a PMR does not seem to you to be receiving the appropriate attention, the formal escalation process can be used.

As an alternative to the formal escalation process, you can call the SVL support hotline at 1-800-283-6103 or 408-463-2090 8:00 am - 5:00 pm Pacific Time, Mon-Fri. to discuss the status of your PMR with a technical or managerial resource.

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