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  • Closed as program error.

Error description

  • IC56127 - A problem may arise in IBM TotalStorage Productivity
    Venter for Replication version 3.3.3, where a SRVE0216E appears in the error log when
    the user performs any action via the GUI.
    This fix addresses the issue when an internal error causes
    TPC-R to issue the following error in the error log repeatedly
    after any  action on the GUI:
     SRVE0216E: post body contains less bytes
    than specified by content-length at at
    TServlet RequestMessage: BBOO0220E: SRVE0133E An error occurred
    while parsing parameters
    This problem causes the error log to fill up quickly.
    IC56205 - A problem may arise when the customer has the
    heartbeat enabled on the TPC-R server and have a GM session
    running, the heartbeat may end up enabled for that GM session.
    The TPC-R server heartbeat should not enable the heartbeat on
    a session that is running GM. There are rare cases where the
    heartbeat can end up enabled for a GM session. In the case of
    a loss in communication, this may cause the LSS that loses
    communication  to enter a long busy state for the extended
    long busy timeout time.  This fix will help ensure that the
    heartbeat will not enable on LSS pairing  for a GM session.
    IC56206 - A problem exists where, if TPC-R believes that the
    ESS/DS6000/DS8000 Metro Mirror or Global Copy relationships
    that it is managing, are in a Suspended state but the
    relationship is actually Copy Pending on the hardware,
    TPC-R will not move the pair to a Preparing state and will
    state Suspended
    This fix addresses the issue where the state of the
    relationships in TPC-R is not the same as the state of the
    relationships on the hardware. If the TPC-R server has the
    relationship in a Suspended state and the relationship on the
    hardware is in a Copy Pending state, TPC-R will not currently
    update the states to match the states of the hardware. With
    this fix the TPC-R server should refresh the states of the
    relationship to match  that of the hardware
    IC56224 - A problem exists where on a restart of a
    ESS/DS6000/DS8000 GM session, TPC-R will attempt to terminate
    the Master if it thinks the Master is in a fatal state. If the
    terminate fails because the Master does not exist on the
    hardware, TPC-R treats this as an error instead of considering
    the terminate successful.
    This fix addresses the issue where TPC-R becomes out of sync
    with the hardware and the state of a Master session on
    ESS/DS6000/DS8000. If TPC-R thinks the Master is in a fatal
    state but the Master has really been deleted on the hardware,
    a restart should not error out if it can't terminate the
    Master just because the Master does not exist. An error on
    terminate indicating the Master does not exist should be
    treated like a successful terminate.
    PQ99937 - The current install scripts for TPC-R on a z/OS
    system uses a hard-coded path to install the TPC-R CLI and
    causes an install error in the script if the customer installs
    to a user defined path.
    When installing TPC-R on a z/OS platform, the installer script uses a hard-coded path for chmod command:
    > chmod -R +x /usr/lpp/Tivoli/RM/CLI/lib/
    This gets the error:
    > chmod: FSUM6188 stat file "/usr/lpp/Tivoli/RM/CLI/lib/":
    EDC5129I No such file
    This fix will use an environment variable instead to determine
    the install location instead of a hard-coded path.
    IC55862 - When a Suspend is issued to a TPC-R GM session,
    TPC-R does not currently suspend the Global Copy pairs of the
    GM solution.
    This change will cause the Global Copy pairs to suspend when a
    Suspend command is issued to the GM session. This will stop
    all copying of data from the source to the target site. All
    writes to the source side will be tracked and the
    relationships will be re-synchronized when the session is
    When a Recover is done on any GM type session or a Flash on a
    GM with Practice session, this change will prevent the sources
    from suspending with error when the Global Copy targets get
    failed over.
    IC56317 - When a TPC-R GM with Practice session on
    ESS/DS6000/DS8000 issues a Recover command, an 0f86 error
    occurs on the H1-H2 rolepair if the H2 box does not have the
    MM feature enabled.
    When a Recover is issued to a GM with Practice session using
    ESS/DS6000/DS8000 the TPC-R session will issue a forced
    failover command from the H2 volume to the H1 volume. The
    reason for this is to track any changes written to H2 so that
    a full copy will not be necessary if a Start H2->H1 is issued
    to the session. The 0f86 error is due to the fact that the
    forced failover command was issued to the pair in Metro Mirror
    mode instead of Global Copy. Because of this the Metro Mirror
    feature code must be enabled on the H2 box. This fix will
    issue the forced failover in Global Copy mode and thus not
    require the Metro Mirror feature to be enabled on the H2 boxes.
    A Start H1->H2 on a GM with Practice session currently
    establishes paths from H2 to H1 with the cg bit enabled.
    On a GM with Practice session the Start H1->H2 command will
    establish paths from H2 to H1. The reason for this is to
    prepare for a failback from the H2 back to an H1 in the case
    of recovering to Site 2. This path currently is set with cg on
    during the Start H1->H2 command however this should not affect
    anything as there will not be any relationships between H1 and
    H2 at this time. When a Start H2->H1 is issued we will
    reestablish those paths with the cg bit off and the Global
    Copies should be unaffected. This fix makes sure the cg bit is
    off after a Start H1->H2.
    There is a rare case where when using a Derby database for
    TPC-R on a Unix based system and a thread is interrupted,
    Derby has a defect that can cause it's transaction log to be
    corrupted. When a thread is interrupted on systems such as
    z/OS, while we  are updating a Derby database, Derby has a
    known defect that can cause it's  transaction log to get
    corrupted and unrecoverable. This fix is the help prevent
    TPC-R threads from getting interrupted during a database
    transaction to  avoid the Derby defect.

Local fix

Problem summary

  • ****************************************************************
    * USERS AFFECTED: Customers using TPC-R 3.3.3.x                *
    * PROBLEM DESCRIPTION: Upgrade TPC-R to        *
    * RECOMMENDATION:                                              *
    Upgrades TPC-R to

Problem conclusion

  • Customers will want to upgrade to TPC-R

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  • R33Z PSY UQ94308

       UP08/05/08 P F805

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More support for: Tivoli Storage Productivity Center for Replication

Software version: 33Z

Reference #: PQ99973

Modified date: 02 June 2008

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