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What is ODM?


Object Data Manager (ODM) is a database of system and device configuration information that is integrated into the operating system. The types of objects stored in the ODM are:

Predefined Devices that IBM AIX has drivers for or knows about, but are not currently installed or active.
Defined Logical devices or drivers that do not map directly to a physical device. This includes network configuration, LVM configuration, and installed software information.
Available A physical hardware device that is installed, configured, and in use.

Some useful commands follow:
lscfg List configuration.
lsdev List devices.
chattr Change device attributes.
lsattr List device attributes.
synclvodm Synchronize LVM and ODM information.
cfgmgr Configuration manager - scans for devices added since boot.
diag Diagnose missing device.
    To make any system change permanent, you must change it in the ODM rather than just at run time. When in doubt, use the AIX SMIT command.

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