Concurrent Server Firmware Update


This document describes how to perform a Server Firmware update. This example demonstrates the steps for a concurrent update.

Updates are a two-step process:

Step 1. Import the update.
The desired server firmware levels must be imported before it can be installed. For further information on importing updates, see IBM eServer On Demand Document Importing Server Firmware updates using Internet, FTP, USB, DVD or SCP , document number 599982826 Database 'IBM eServer OnDemand Knowledgebase', View '1.0 DBManagement View\All\Software', Document 'Importing Server Firmware updates using Internet, FTP, USB, DVD or SCP.'.

Step 2. Install the update.
This document describes the actual install process..

Step 1 . On the Welcome panel, right click the server to be updated and select Release Management , Show needed updates.
Note: There are several ways to invoke the install wizard. This method invokes the task directly on a specific server from the welcome panel view. An alternative method is to use the Update Manager (Release Management, Updates), Show all known updates or Show needed updates tasks.

welcome panel

Step 2 . Select the desired level, then click Install.. This starts the Install Wizard.
Note: To install a specific level that may not be the latest or recommended level, click Show all available updates...

show needed updates

Step 3. On the Welcome panel, Click Next.

Install Wizard, welcome

Step 4 . On the Options panel, click Next.
Note: A false warning message may appear: ATKUPD094W - The advanced options could not be retrieved for <fw level>. The advanced options for the update are unavailable. This warning should be ignored. It is being addressed with a future fix under defect SW072503.

Install Wizard, options

Step 5. Click Next to start the "readiness and concurrency checks".

Install Wizard, checks

Step 6 . Verify the update is concurrent.
6a. To have the option to restore the existing level, uncheck the Auto-accept option (this is the default on HMC).
6b. Verify the readiness passed.
Note: If the readiness check fails, the failure must be resolved before continuing with the update.
6c . Click Next.

Install Wizard, check results

Step 7 . Click Finish to start the update.

Install Wizard, finish

Step 8 . Click OK to run now.

launch dialog

Step 9. Click Display Properties to monitor the job's progress.

job created

Step 10 . Monitor progress.
10a. Click the General Tab for a summary.
10b. Click Job Steps tab to see more detail.

job step tab

Status after completion:

job status complete

Example of job steps at completion:

Job status complete, job steps.

Verify the update has been applied
To view the new levels perform the following:

Step 1 . Open the Welcome panel and under Power Systems Resources click on Hosts .

Step 2 . Right click the server, click Release Management , Power Firmware Management .

Step 3. If “there is no data to display”, click Gather Target Information button, and verify that the activated level shows the new level.

Systems Director Management Console
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Server Firmware

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