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Message Indicating Failure to Validate Certificate when Launching Task



When you try to start a launched task that uses the Java Web Start (JWS) application, a message is displayed indicating that the application will not be run due to a failure to validate the certificate published by IBM Corporation.


Refer to the Work-around section.


Complete the following steps:

1. Start the Java Web Start (JWS) application.

For Linux Type javaws at a command prompt. The javaws.exe file is located in the directory path where you installed the Java Runtime Environment (JRE).
For Windows Open Control Panel and click the Java Web Start icon to start JWS.
2. The Java Cache Viewer is displayed.
3. Click Close . The Java Control Panel is displayed.
4. Click the Advanced tab.
5. On the Advanced page, expand Security .
6. Make sure Allow user to grant permissions to signed content and Allow user to grant permission to content from an untrusted authority are checked.
7. Click OK.
8. Start the affected launched task again. This time a warning message is displayed stating that the application’s digital signature has an error. The message will also indicate that the signature was generated with a trusted certificate published by International Business Machines; however, it has expired.
9. Click Always trust content from this publisher .


This message can occur because the SSL certificates published by IBM Corporation that were used to sign files have expired, and the java security settings do not allow users to grant permission to the certificate. This problem affects the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browsers.

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