How to Display Current Firmware Levels for All Servers


This document describes how to view the firmware levels for multiple servers in one view. Unlike the HMC, SDMC (Systems Director Management Console) does not have an "Updates" view; however, the same information can be found using the welcome panel and inventory views. Note that SDMC supports IBM Systems Director compliance policies for server firmware. This allows an administer to quickly identify any server that is missing a required firmware update.

Step 1 . Ensure the View is set to All tasks , then click Welcome.

Step 2 . On the resource tab, click Hosts .

Step 3 . Click Actions , Select All or select the desired subset of servers to view.

welcome panel

Step 4 . Click Actions , then click Release Management, then click Power Firmware Management.

Step 5 . On the Power System Firmware Management panel, click the Gather Target Information button.

power system firmware management - gather target info

Step 6 . Detailed information on the current server firmware levels is displayed. Note that the information can also be exported using the Actions -> Export selection.

power system firmware management - filled in

The IBM Systems Director Inventory view can also be used to view the current activated level. This function offers the flexibility of viewing predefined groups of servers however the information provided is limited to the current level only.

Step 1 . In the navigation panel, expand Inventory , then click View and Collect Inventory.

Step 2 . Next to Target Systems , click the Browse button.

View and Collect Inventory.

Step 3 . Select the desired targets.
This panel allows the user to select specific servers or a custom or default group. To view all power servers:
a. Next to “show” select All Targets.
b. Search the table for Power Servers.
c. Select Power Servers and click Add>.
d. Remove any unwanted targets listed under Selected if present.
e. Click OK.

Target selection panel

Step 4 . Change the "View by" to All Software Inventory.

Step 5 . Click Collect Inventory button.
a. On the Task Launch Dialog, click OK to run now.
b. Click Display Properties button to monitor the job.

job created prompt.

c. Wait for the job to complete.

active and scheduled job panel
d. Close the job panel by clicking X.

Step 6 . Click Refresh View button.

Server firmware panel

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Update Manager
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Server Firmware

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