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You can use the Event Automation wizard to create automated tasks and other responses when critical hardware events occur in your systems-management environment. For example, you can specify e-mail addresses that can be used to notify you or others when problems occur on the server. You can choose whether these e-mail addresses are notified of all problem events or just those that are called in automatically to service and support. If you have a mobile telephone that supports e-mail, you could use that account to receive notifications while traveling.

On SDMC, you must first create the event action you would like to run (in other words, a response). Then you must create an automation plan which specifies which of the responses you created to run in response to one or more events.

Create the email notification event action :

To configure an event action which specifies an e-mail address you want to notify, you should follow these steps:

1. Select Event Actions from the Automation menu on the left.

Event Actions option from Automation menu

2. Click the Create button.
Event Action Create button

3. Select the Send an e-mai l (Internet SMTP) option from the list, and click OK .

Send an email event action

4. Give your action a Name. This Action name is what will be selected to run when you create your automation plan.
5. Fill out the E-mail details with your specific environment and SMTP server information.

Create action properties option

6. Click Test to send a test e-mail to your SMTP server. Click OK when complete to finish creating the event.

Create the event automation plan to run the event action:

Now you will need to create your automation plan. This plan will designate which events you want to be notified about, and also which action you would like executed when that event occurs.

1. Select Event Automation Plans from the Automation menu on the left.

Even Automation Plans menu

2. This will launch the Create Event Automation Plan wizard :
Create Event Automation Plan wizard

3. Click Next and then type a name and description for your Automated Plan. Click Next again.

Automation plan name and description

4. Select which group of targets you would like your plan to monitor and click Add > . Click Next .

Automation plan Targets
5. From the list of events to monitor, select Event Severity and then select the severity type of the event for which you want to be notified. Click Next again.

Automation plan Event Selection

6. Select one of the Email Event Actions you had previously created, and click Next .

Automation Plan Event Action Selection

7. Select the time range for your event and actions, and click Next .

Automation plan Time Range

8. Review your plan summary and click Finish to apply the event automation plan.
Automation Plan Summary

9. Once the automation plan is created, you can Activate or Deactivate from the Actions menu.

Automation Plan Activate or Deactivate

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