How to Discover a New Server


Discovery of a new POWER server is a three-step process; auto-discover, request access, update passwords. New or factory reset POWER servers connected to SDMC on the SDMC private DHCP server network should be auto-discovered. Users must request access and then set the server's HMC, admin, and general account passwords.

1. Auto-discover the Server

a. In the navigation panel, ensure the view is All tasks , and then click Welcome .

b. On the Welcome panel, click Hosts . The new server should appear within a few minutes of power on with access value of No access :

No access

Hide details for Detailed statusDetailed status
Detailed status

The event log will show the following status messages:

smcli lsevtlog -n 9409-M50-1068FAF

    9/21/11 9:04 AM, Server 9409-M50*1068FAF was successfully discovered., 9409-M50-1068FAF (0x1af1), Managed Resource.Managed System Resource.Logical Resource.System.Computer System.Server (Discovery: Discovery), Informational-Alert
    9/21/11 9:05 AM, HSCL8018 The managed system was not found., 9409-M50-1068FAF (0x1af1), Managed Resource.Managed System Resource.Logical Resource.System.Computer System.Server (Connection Status: Connection Status), Informational-Alert
    9/21/11 9:05 AM, System 9409-M50-1068FAF is online, 9409-M50-1068FAF (0x1af1), Managed Resource.Managed System Resource.Logical Resource.System.Operating System (Connectivity: Online), Informational-Resolution
    9/21/11 9:13 AM, HSCL8018 The managed system was not found., 9409-M50-1068FAF (0x1af1), Managed Resource.Managed System Resource.Logical Resource.System.Computer System.Server (Connection Status: Connection Status), Informational-Alert

The same information can be found in the GUI using the host's Properties, Event Log tab:

lssysconn -r all
    No results were found.
smcli lssys -l
    DisplayName: 9409-M50-1068FAF
    Description: null
    SystemBoardUUID: null
    CurrentTimeZone: -1
    IPv4Address: { '', '' }
    AccessState: Locked
    CommunicationState: 2

In this state, the "update Passwords" task is not available:

2. Request Access

New or factory reset servers have their passwords cleared; however, the user must still request access.

a . Left click on the No Access link.

b. Type any value in for HMC password (for example, abc123 ), and click Request Access.
Note : The password field is required to request access, even though a password has not yet been set. This step is needed to obtain the update password option.

request access panel - requesting

c . After Request Access completes, the server should show Access value of OK . Click X to close the Request Access tab and return to the Welcome panel:

Request access panel, ok

d. On the Welcome panel, verify the State is Waiting for input with Detailed State of Password Update Required :

Welcome panel - waiting for input

If the State and Detailed state are still scrolling dots ("...."), you should perform the following recovery:

d1 . Open a restricted shell terminal.
Local console: Right click the desktop area, and click terminal .
Remote console: Log in with a ssh client such as PuTTy.

d2 . Run the command lssysconn -r all
Output should show "Pending Authentication - Password Updates Required" as shown below:
    resource_type=sys,type_model_serial_num=9409-M50*1068FAF,sp=primary,sp_phys_loc=unavailable,ipaddr=,alt_ipaddr=unavailable,state=Pending Authentication - Password Updates Required,connection_error_code=Connecting 0000-0000-00000000

d3 . Reset the connection.
Run the command rmsysconn --ip <ip from previous command> -o reset where <ip from previous command> is the "ipaddr" value from the lsssyconn -r all command shown above.

d4. The Welcome panel should update its state within a few minutes.

3. Update Passwords

a. Right click the Host (server) and click Update Password:

Update password task

b. Fill in the all fields, setting the desired password and click OK. Note: Record the passwords in a safe location. The "System Access password" is also referred to as the "HMC access" or "HMC" password:

Update passwords panel

c . Verify the State and Detailed State are updated and reflect the true state of the Host:

welcome panel after passwords updated.

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