Configuring SDMC Electronic Service Agent


This document describes how to configure the SDMC to use SSL connectivity to obtain SDMC updates, call home serviceable events, report service agent data, and allow remote support to be enabled.

Note: The SDMC must have a functional Ethernet interface on an open network that has SSL access to the Internet.

Set up Electronic Service Agent

1. On the Welcome panel, select the Settings tab. Under Serviceability tasks , select Service and Support Manager Getting Started Wizard .

2. The configuration wizard is started and the Welcome panel is displayed. Click Next.
Service and Support Manager Getting Started Wizard

3. The Your company contact screen is displayed. Provide contact information for the person IBM may contact, then click Next . Fields marked by an asterisk are mandatory.

Provide contact information
4. The System location screen is displayed. Provide information about the physical location of your systems, then click Next . Fields marked by an asterisk are mandatory.

Provide system location information
5. The Connection screen is displayed. Specify how the SDMC will connect to IBM, either using direct Internet connection or through a proxy server.

Select Connection type
6. Click the Test Connection button. A successful test will display ATKUPD149I - Internet connection test completed successfully. If the test is not successful, verify that your SDMC is connected to the local network, and has SSL access to the internet.

Test connection
7. The Authorize IBM IDs screen is displayed. Click Next .

Authorize IBM IDs
8. A Summary of your information is displayed. Click Finish .

Systems Director Management Console
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Service and Support Manager
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IBM Systems Management Support Page

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