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Capturing Debug Output of padmin CLI

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How to gather debug output of a failing, padmin command.
This applies to VIOS 2.2.x


Login to VIOS as padmin
$ oem_setup_env
# script -a /home/padmin/<PMR#.Branch#>clidebug33.out
# su - padmin
$ ioslevel
$ uname -LMm
$ export CLI_DEBUG=33
Run offending command to reproduce error
$ export CLI_DEBUG="" (to disable debugging mode)
$ exit (padmin)
# exit (script)

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More support for: Virtual I/O Server

Software version: 2.2.0,,,

Operating system(s): Other

Software edition: Enterprise, Express, Standard

Reference #: T1012362

Modified date: 18 August 2011

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