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  • VTAMINFO TPINFO 568606501 RFE6
    This information apar was created to contain the changes to the
    VTAM 4.2 Messages and Codes manual SC31-6493-01 SC31649301
    Preface - About This Book
       No updates
    Chapter 1. Introduction
       No updates
    Chapter 2. VSCS Messages (VM).
       No updates
    Chapter 3. ELM Messages for Logon Manager Network Operators
       No updates
    Chapter 4. IKT Messages for TSO/VTAM Network Operators
       No updates.
    Chapter 5. IKT Messages for TSO/VTAM Terminal Users
       No updates.
    Chapter 6. IST Messages for VTAM Network Operators
       IST154I - Should contain the following code:
           Code 2 - (VSE) - Not enough storage was available in
           System GETVIS Area (SGA) for expansion.
       IST246I - This message can be seen at the POA if the
           SPO is not active. The internal function and return
           codes can be ignored.
       IST322I - MISSING PARAMETER is missing as a reason for this
           message. Example - ADDR keyword not coded on switched PU.
       IST786I - Add new reason:
           NOT AUTHORIZED (VSE only) - the command was entered
           from a user console, which is not authorized. VTAM
           commands must be issued from the VSE master console.
       IST985I - USER EXIT exitname action FAILED-CODE code
           For action INITIALIZATION, exitname will not be present.
           Code 0A indicates an error occurred during the
              loading of ISTIECDF.
           Code 0C indicates an error occurred during the
              loading of ISTIECRT.
           Code 0E indicates an error occurred during the
              loading of ISTIECVR.
    IST996I {JOB|SUB} taskname partitionid PROGCK CODE code
       In Programmer Response, add the following:
       A message of the following format - IST996I SUB
       taskname (partitionid) VTAM PROGCK CODE errorlocation -
       indicates that a program check has occurred in a VTAM
       subtask, and VTAM has canceled itself in response.  The
       solution is to correct the error that caused the
       program check in the VTAM subtask.
       IST1014I bp BUFFER POOL NOT BUILT - reason.
           Programmer response for each 'reason':
           BUFFER CANNOT SPAN PAGES - the buffer size of a fixed
            buffer pool exceeds the size of a page. If 'bp' is IO,
            refer to the section 'Specifying IOBUF Buffer Values'
            in chapter 4 of VTAM Resource Definition Reference.
           PAGES NOT FIXED IN STORAGE - VSE was not able to page
            fix the storage. Verify that the SETPFX LIMIT is set
            correctly in the VTAM start procedure.
           SGA NOT AVAILABLE - There was insufficient SGA for VSE
            to satisfy the storage allocation request. Verify that
            the System Getvis Area is large enough.
           SGALIMIT EXCEEDED - The value for VTAM start parameter
            SGALIMIT or SGA24 would have been exceeded by storage
            needed to define buffer pool 'bp'. Verify that SGALIMIT
            and SGA24 are not set too low.
           VTAM PRIVATE NOT AVAILABLE - The virtual storage
            allocation for the VTAM partition was insufficient
            to build buffer pool 'bp'.
            -See 'Setting Buffer Pool Allocations' in Chapter 11
             of VTAM Network Implementation Guide for information
             on allocating buffers.
            -See Chapter 4, 'Start Options' in VTAM Resource
             Definition Reference for more information on VTAM
             start options.
            -See 'Defining VTAM to VSE in Chapter 4 of VTAM Network
             Implementation Guide, and refer to the Estimating
             Storage for VTAM diskette for information on VTAM
             system storage requirements and defining them to VSE.
            -See VTAM Diagnosis for more information on storage
             related problems.
       IST1445I RESOURCE value FOR USERVAR uservar NOT FOUND
           New message. See OW02987 for details.
       IST1448I request EXCEEDS MAXIMUM RU SIZE FOR nodename
           New message. See OW04449 for details.
           New message. See OW04334 for details.
    Chapter 7. ISU Messages for VTAM Network Operators
       No updates.
    Chapter 8. USS Messages
       No updates.
    Chapter 9. DLUR Messages for CM/2 Users
       No updates.
    Chapter 10. Installation Messages (VM).
       No updates.
    Chapter 11. Abend Codes
       No updates.
    Chapter 12. Command and RU Types in VTAM Messages
       No updates.
    Chapter 13. DTE-Generated Diagnostic Codes (VM,VSE)
       No updates.
    Chapter 14. Node and ID Types in VTAM Messages
       No updates.
    Chapter 15. Return Codes for Macroinstructions
       ACB OPEN and CLOSE macroinstruction error fields
            See INFO APAR IIxxxxx (V4R2 VTAM PRogramming)
            for any updates.
       RTNCD and FDB2 Return Code Combinations
            See INFO APAR IIxxxxx (V4R2 VTAM Programming)
            for any updates.
       RTNCD and FDB2 Information for LU 6.2
            See INFO APAR IIyyyyy (V4R2 VTAM Programming
            for LU 6.2) for any updates.
       RCPRI and RCSEC Return Codes for LU 6.2
            See INFO APAR IIyyyyy (V4R2 VTAM Programming
            for LU 6.2) for any updates.
       LAN Channel Station Error Return Codes
            See INFO APAR II07842 for updates.
    Chapter 16. Sense Codes
       08010021 - Resource Not Available: the link is associated
           with a connectivity subsystem that is not installed,
           not powered on, not initialized, or not operational.
           VTAM hint: this sense is set by the NCP and could
              indicate a hardware problem with the line/controller.
       0812001B - VTAM Hint addition: The output from the NEWDEFN
           process should be included in SYS1.VTAMLST
    Chapter 17. Status Codes
       Resource Status Modifiers (Positions 4 and 5):
          Modifier /C is no longer used.
          Modifiers /I and /R are only used for applications.
          Modifier /S also applies to an application.
       Session States and Modifiers
          No updates
    Chapter 18. Cancel Codes (VSE).
       No updates
    Chapter 19. Wait State Event Codes and IDs
       No updates
    Chapter 20. Wait State Event Codes and IDs
       No updates
    Appendix A. Message Additions, Deletions, and Changes
       No updates
    Appendix B. Message Flooding Prevention
       No updates
    Appendix C. Message Routing and Suppression
       No updates
    Appendix D. Messages Affected by the MSGLVL Option
       No updates
    Appendix E. Message Text for VTAM Operator Messages
       No updates

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More support for: z/VSE family

Software version: 001

Operating system(s): VSE/ESA, z/VM

Reference #: II09040

Modified date: 01 May 2008

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