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IBM clusters with the InfiniBand switch: POWER5 Recommended code levels

IBM clusters with the InfiniBand switch: POWER5 Recommended code levels

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The following information has changed:

Recommended code levels for POWER5 servers

Hardware Management Console (HMC)

V6R1.3 - Build level 20070910.1 (MH01012 Updates V6R1.X to V6R1.3)

Global Firmware (GFW) and Power Subsystem Microcode

Code and Readme information available at the following location. Choose the Machine Type Model for server specific microcode.

  • Fix pack SF249_015 for Global Firmware
  • Fix pack BP240_224 for Power Subsystem Microcode

AIX 5.3

You should download AIX 5L Version 5.3. with the 5300-10 Technology Level with Service Pack 2 from the following location.

Linux on System p

Customers should download SLES11 kernel via the Novell Program Temporary Fix (PTF) process by opening up a Service Request with Novell support and 10518573841 which includes the mandatory patched rpm ofed-kmp-ppc64 for InfiniBand. Access to this PTF requires that the customer has a valid SLES11 Support License.

Cisco/Topspin switch firmware

Driver levels can be obtained through the following Cisco website. You will be required to register at least one of your Cisco/Topspin hardware components to obtain access to the website.

The latest code level that has been verified by IBM testing is:

  • SFS 7000P/TS120 Driver Level -Topspin OS-2.9.0
  • SFS 7008P/TS270 Driver Level -Topspin OS-2.9.0

After initial switch install and recognition of the switch follow these steps.

  1. Log in to the switch chassis.
  2. Select Maintenance - > System Information


JS21 Blade Firmware
Component Release Level
Advanced Management Module V2.8 in BC-H BPET36K
Blade System Firmware (LLFW/PHYP) 01MB246_060_009 ibm_fw_bios_mb_246.060.009_anyos_ppc64.img
4x InfiniBand BC-H Switch   TEST_Cisco_BladeCenter-2.9.0-163.iso revision 290
4X InfiniBand HCA Expansion Card   SFS 7008P/TS270 Driver Level -Topspin OS-2.9.0

For 4X InfiniBand BC-H switch, refer to the Cisco website.

Recommended LPPs support

Use the following tables to determine which LPP versions are supported on each operating system (AIX and SLES).

The information in the following table applies to these System p models: p5 9131-52A, p5 9117-57x, JS21, p5 9118-575, p5 9119-590 and p5 9119-595.

AIX recommended installation
LPP 5.3 Release 6.1 Release (JS21 Blade only) Level check
CSM with APAR IZ58359 with APAR IZ52840
RSCT with APAR IZ42151 (U829140) with APAR IZ42150 (U824358)
GPFS with APAR IZ60281 with APAR IZ47468
PE with APAR U828480 with APAR IZ42137
LoadLeveler with U828943 with U821735 and U821736
Multi Link Interface Runtime IZ43213 with U824765
ESSL with PK87015
Parallel ESSL APAR PK52541 APAR PK52541

The information in the following table applies to these System p models: p5 9133-55A and p5 9118-575

SLES 11 recommended installation
LPP Release Level check
xCAT 2.2  
GPFS 3.2.1-13
PE 5.1.1-3
LoadLeveler 3.5.1-2
ESSL 4.4.1-1
Parallel ESSL 3.3.2-0

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