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devscan tool

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The purpose of devscan is to make debugging storage problems faster and easier. Devscan does this by rapidly gathering a great deal of information about the Storage Area Network (SAN) and displaying it in an easy to understand manner. Devscan can be run from any AIX host, including VIO clients, or from a VIOS.

Benefits of devscan

The information devscan displays is gathered from the SAN itself or the device driver, not from ODM, with exceptions described in the man page. The data is therefore guaranteed to be current and correct.

In the default case, devscan is unable to change any state on the SAN or on the host, making it safe to run even in production environments. In all cases, devscan is safer to run than cfgmgr, because it cannot change the ODM. Some of the optional commands devscan can use are able to cause a state change on the SAN. Details are provided in the man page.

Devscan can report a list of all available target devices and LUNs

For each LUN, devscan can report

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