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Differences between running a 32 and 64 bit Report Server with IBM Cognos 10.1 RP1 (10.1.1) and above

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Besides the difference in size of addressable memory space, what are the other considerations of running a 32-bit vs 64-bit report server?

Why is a "QFS-ERR-0141: This report service is configured as 64-bit and only supports packages published with the dynamic query mode" error message being returned when trying to run a report with a 64-bit report service?


- A 64-bit Application Tier install of 10.1.1 (RP1) will by default be running a 32-bit report server.
- A 64-bit install of 10.1.1 (RP1) running a 32-bit report server will launch a 64-bit java process for Dynamic Query Mode (DQM) enabled packages and will also launch a 32-bit BIBUS processes for CQM packages.

- A 64-bit install of 10.1.1 (RP1) running a 64-bit report server can only use DQM (Dynamic Query Mode) connections to the reporting database. It cannot use Compatible mode (Type-2 connection, using 32-bit cli drivers).

- If an environment has a 64-bit report server and Compatible Query Mode (CQM) packages, you must configure package routing to ensure that none of the requests for CQM packages go to the 64-bit report server. In RP1, a 64-bit report server will accept a request it receives for a CQM package even though it cannot launch a process that can handle it. QFS-ERR-0141 errors will occur unless package routing has been configured to route CQM requests, like those for reporting off PowerCubes, to 32-bit report servers only.

For further information, see the Install and Configuration guide linked below.

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