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IBM Informix Genero: Installation and Setup

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Learn about the prerequisites, installation procedure, and post-installation tasks for IBM® Informix® Genero®.


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  • Installation files
  • Before you begin
  • Installing IBM Informix Genero packages
  • Database connectivity software

    Installation files
    The IBM Informix Genero installation files are available for download from Passport Advantage Online. Download the product package that supports your operating system.

    The names of the packages follow this convention: ibm-productpackage-version-build-opsys

    productpackage= String representing the product package contents:
      gdc: IBM Informix Genero Desktop Client contains the software required for client workstations to render Genero applications and communicate with the application server.
      gdev: IBM Informix Genero Developer Suite contains the Informix Genero software that you need to develop Genero applications.
      gdli: IBM Informix Genero Studio contains the Informix Genero software that you need to develop Genero applications.
      grun: IBM Informix Genero Runtime Suite contains the application server and related software required to run Genero applications and control database communication with clients.
      grge: IBM Informix Genero Runtime Suite for Growth Edition
      gtrial: IBM Informix Genero Developer Suite 90 day evaluation. (Windows and Linux only)
    version= Number representing the product version.
      For example, 2.40. ##

    build= Alphanumeric string representing the product build.
      For example, Build #####

    opsys= 7-character code representing the operating system.
      For example, w32vc90 represents Windows 32-bit operating systems.

    Before you begin
    Review the local and remote development environment options for setting up Informix Genero Studio that are described in the IBM Informix Genero Studio User Guide. Depending on your development environment, you can install IBM Informix Genero software on the same computer as the IBM Informix database server that your applications access or on a different computer.

    A C compiler is not included with IBM Informix Genero software. You must install a C compiler if you want to create C extensions.

    Installing IBM Informix Genero packages
    Read the installation guide pertaining to the software package that you want to install. Verify that the listed prerequisites are met. Launch the application program by running the product package executable file or shell script. Follow the prompts on the installation program as it guides you through the installation process.

    Before you can create, compile, build, and run applications, you must also configure IBM Informix Genero Studio. Instructions for launching and configuring Informix Genero Studio are in the IBM Informix Genero Studio User Guide.

    Database connectivity software
    IBM Informix is the default database driver for IBM Informix Genero. The installation media contains IBM Informix Client Software Development Kit (Client SDK), Version 3.50. You can use the IBM Informix ESQL/C driver from IBM Client SDK to develop and run client applications. Applications that run on client computers require IBM Informix Connect to access Informix database servers. Informix Connect is a runtime connectivity product composed of runtime libraries that are included in Client SDK software.

    Genero is a registered trademark of Four J's Development Tools Europe Ltd.

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