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Veritas File System may corrupt DB2 SMS temporary files

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Veritas File System (VxFS) bug 639000 (629464) may corrupt DB2 SMS temporary data. This may result in a wide variety of symptoms, including bad page reads detected and logged by DB2®, and abnormal instance shutdowns (traps).


DB2 SMS temporary table space files usually contain file holes, as the file space backing an SMS temporary table is not committed sequentially. Various later regions of the file may be written to disk before earlier regions, which creates a file hole. Some sections may never be written out during the life of a temporary file as they may only ever exist in the associated DB2 buffer pool.

A bug in the Veritas File System (VxFS) driver has been identified which corrupts files containing file holes. The descriptions is as follows:

VERITAS Incident Number : 639000 (629464) : Meta data corruption in the file's block map which will most likely be identified as data corruption when reading the file.

This problem is addressed in VxFS 5.0 MP3 and VxFS 4.0 RP5.

DB2 symptoms triggered by this problem include but are not limited to:

  • Detected bad page reads for SMS temporary table space files.
  • Abnormal DB2 instance shutdowns (traps) while processing invalid temporary data inputs (examples of vulnerable runtime processing include hash join and sort operations).

It is strongly recommended to upgrade VxFS on vulnerable DB2 systems.

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