For HMC-managed systems with POWER4 processors, download corrective service packages, including updates, required maintenance, security fixes, and other specific fix packages. For package and fix information for a specific package, refer to this document:

HMC V3 R3.7

IBM recommends HMV V3 R3.7 for all HMCs managing IBM servers with POWER4 processors. If your HMC is below HMV V3 R3.5, first upgrade to HMC V3 R3.5, and then upgrade to HMC V3 R3.7.

Download individual fixes/Order physical media
Please review package information in the Readme document before applying any update or fix package.

Note that physical media for individual fixes are not bootable.
File name(s)/Package APAR# PTF# Checksum Date Order CD
Fix for expired SACM certificate for call home
IV45819 U860526 38984
2013.07.09 Go
Update package





HMC 3.3.x specific fixes
HMC 3.3.7 Security: Privilege escalation by some HMC commands. Includes U810911, U808784, and U807972.





OpenSSL security fix for HMC 3.3.7 (supersedes 809968)
IY91354 U810401 25146
2006.11.16 Go
Security fixes and fixes for DST for HMC 3.3.7
IY87070 U808917 09587
2006.08.08 Go
Leap second, DST time and openssl fixes for HMC 3.3.6 only
IY79212 U806370 18793
2005.12.13 Go

HMC V3 R3.5

The HMC V3 R3.5 Recovery and Update packages are not available for download, but can be ordered on physical media from this page. You can use the Update or Recovery media package to upgrade to HMC 3.3.5 from a lower version of HMC 3.3. If your HMC is at Version 3.2.6 or lower, you must use the Recovery media to first upgrade to HMC 3.3.5, and then you can use the HMC 3.3.7 Update package to update to the latest supported level.

Order physical media
 Package name  APAR#  PTF# Order CD
HMC Recovery CD V3 R3.5 IY69112 U802844 Go
HMC Update V3 R3.5 IY69183 U802867 Go

HMC V3.2 (lpp-based)

Effective August 31, 2006, the System p POWER4 Hardware Management Console (HMC) Software Licensed Program Product (LPP) Versions 3.1.0 through 3.2.6 (PID 5639-N47) have been non-supported due to the product's end-of-service date. See IBM Announcement Letter 203-178 (document in PDF format - 7KB). Remote telephone support will no longer be available for this code level.

Customers with POWER4 servers are being asked to upgrade to HMC V3 R3.7. You must first upgrade, via Recovery media to HMC V3 R3.5, and then you can use the HMC V3 R3.7 update package to bring your HMC to the latest supported level. You can order the HMC 3.3.5 Recovery set from this page, and then download or order the HMC V3.3.7 update (and fixes).

System p POWER4 customers with current and valid HMC Software Maintenance Agreements (SWMA PID 5639-ST1 and 5639-ST3), will continue to receive entitlement via their contracts. However, no service support or subscriptions will be provided on the HMC versions 3.1 through 3.2. HMC 3.1 and 3.2 customers will be asked to upgrade to HMC V3.3 to receive continued support under their valid HMC SWMA. There are no plans to extend the service level for System p Power4 HMC Software Versions 3.1.0 through 3.2.6.